About Me

Latebutsoon lives and plays in NJ which is harder than it sounds. She has a wonderful husband and three children—all human—none of whom find anything she has to say remotely interesting. She also enjoys referring to herself in the third person but she will stop now because it is getting a little weird. 

Some background: I used to work in publishing, and then in education, and also at a liquor store one summer back in the 80s. But then I had kids and stopped contributing to society in any meaningful way. I tried my hand at writing some pieces, and after having countless real essays rejected, I actually got two of my letters published on McSweeney’s website, which I would so count as being published. I also have written many humorous (one hopes!) essays with which I randomly grace a few victims’  friends’ inboxes, on a somewhat sporadic, and extremely unrequested, basis.

Now I’m starting a blog, which more than likely would have led to a book deal containing my amusing (some say they are!) essays, if publishing weren’t a dying industry, and if I had gotten on it a little sooner. If I never get published, at least I have my liquor store experience to fall back on. (Full disclosure—here is the extent of my liquor store experience:  I knew where they kept the gun.

I know it goes without saying, but please keep in mind that this is a humor (God, I hope so!) blog. My tongue is planted firmly in my cheek, at least until someone opens the wine.