Happy Feet

Happy feet, indeed!

I think this heavy metal penguin is tweaking on crystal meth, which is pretty easy to come by up there in Alaska, I hear.  Did you know that it’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska now?  It’s true, according to The Learning Channel.  She bought it.  I wonder if they will do an episode on crystal meth abuse in SPAK?  It would be so educational, like all of TLC’s other programs: 19 Kids and Counting, Cake Boss, Hoarders, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Kate Plus Eight, Toddlers and Tiaras, and the newest brain-expander:  Strange Addictions, which, in its premiere episode, featured a woman who ate a half a roll of toilet paper a day.  So it’s no stretch that SPAK is on The Learning Channel.  All of its episodes are totally educational.  So, why not an episode on crystal meth use by penguins (or Palins)?  Get on it, The Learning Channel!