No-Shave November

Did anyone else know about this?  Evidently, there are other things you can quit doing for the month of November besides smoking.  Ladies?  Care to give it a try? 

I just found out about it yesterday.  Where?  On Andrew Sullivan’s blog, “The Daily Dish,” of all places.  Love or hate his politics, when it comes to beards, Andrew is pretty bearish on this subject.  Anyway, as soon as I heard it was No-Shave November, I quickly fired off an e-mail to my son, who is a college freshman.  I asked him if he knew about this and if he was participating.

Here was his reply:

I have been aware of No-Shave November since last year.   I am not participating in it now, but there is always Decembeard, Manuary, Februhairy, and March Mustachness to look forward to.

I, myself, am especially excited about Februhairy.

Then he dropped in this link:   (Click on the chart to enlarge it.)

This kid is a wise-ass.  And he gets it from his DAD.

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