On Hiatus–UPDATED!

Latebutsoon will be on hiatus (hiatus = gone for some unforeseeable amount of time) due to (take your pick):

1.)  Vacation.

2.)  Vacation in a wine-centric destination again.  (Must allow for rehab time afterwards.  I always forget about that.)

3.)  Is too sunburnt from last vacation to type.  (Never learns.)

4.)  Learning to use new prosthetic hooks for hands.  (Lost the use of my hands due to endless hours spent reading from a computer screen.  My hands/arms have atrophied to the point of dangling uselessly by my sides. They are merely vestigial at this point. *)  It’s getting pretty hard to get someone to keep refilling my wine glass.  Among other things.

5.)  The fact that NO ONE (no one = ZERO people) is reading this stupid blog.

I guess you are all on vacation.  Or are just learning to use your new hooks.  I’ll admit it can be awkward at first.

* (Then how am I typing this, you ask?  With my typing stick that I am holding between my teeth, silly!)


UPDATE:  Merci, to the  BOTH  THREE  FOUR OF YOU for reading faithfully.  (You know who you are.)  Probably the only ones reading this!

And yes, I did go on a little hiatus already—I was busy increasing my odds of getting skin cancer/heatstroke during my week at the beach.  Also a fairly good-sized shark practically rolled right up on top of my feet as I was relaxing in my beach chair at the water’s edge.  That was nice.  They tell me it was a sand shark, which I guess means it eats only sand, right?  Not toes.  (Please say that’s right.)  On my next hiatus, which involves wine-drinking (did I mention that?), I am hoping to incur some liver damage, or at least increase the membership numbers of an organization whose name I will NOT mention and whose intitials are A.A. . . . I may have said too much.  (And no, it’s not Weight Watchers.  I am completely over those lying bastards.)

Now I am panicking and cramming French phrases and worrying that we will get lost on some isolated French highway and be killed by roaming packs of ravenous French dogs or poisoned by the notoriously toxic French water.

Zut alors!  I will keep you posted.