Late But Soon Is 1!

Can it be true?  My little blog is one year old!  They grow so fast.

Actually, my first blog post was March 24, 2009.  I know you can all see that this is not today’s date, but I can’t change that (stupid WordPress).  This blog is not named Latebutsoon for nothing.

So about a year ago, I made the decision to stop tormenting selected victims–friends–with annoying and unsolicited e-mails, and instead opted to inflict them with an annoying and unsolicited blog.

I’ve been at this foolishness for a year now.  I would never have started this blog except for a random visit one night to a friend’s house–Joyce’s.  Her daughter Katie happened to be there.  She is a whiz on the computer, not to mention an artist, and also very impulsive.  Anyway, thanks to her somewhat brutal midwifery, Latebutsoon was born.  Here is Katie’s version of events, from her blog

For years Lori had been sending her writing to friends via email.  Every so often I would be the recipient of one of these emails if Lori thought I might enjoy reading it.  Ah, what a special treat those emails were!  She got the idea in her head that maybe she should try this blog thing out and post her writing for everyone to see, but was still very weary of it.  [I think Katie meant “wary” here, although I do see her point; my writing could weary anyone, especially me.]  Lori explained her blog concerns to me one evening.  After reviewing her list of reasons why she shouldn’t start a blog, including “What if the blog gets too popular? I don’t want it to be too big!” [Ha!  No worries there.]  I decided these were all terrible excuses and said, Fuck it, we’re setting up your damn blog now!  So now Late But Soon exists for everyone to read and enjoy. Her writing is hilarious, descriptive, and a little fucking weird, and even if it weren’t all those fabulous things I would tell you to go read anyway because it’s so grammatically correct it’s enjoyable for just that reason!

She’s right about it being grammatically correct, anyway.

So thanks, Katie, for your encouragement and assistance with this gigantic waste of time.  No really, sincere thanks!  I just needed to get started, which is always the hardest thing for me.

So yes, you can blame or thank Katie for yet another blog on the Internet.  Just what the Internet needed.  Everyone and their granny are already doing a blog.  The Internets are lousy with this sort of thing, and so… you would think… if there is just one person with enough restraint to realize that not everyone is going to be rapt by every word you write… and that there are already way too many people out there who think they have something important to say, then by God—I hope that one person is me.

But it’s not.  It will have to be some other, better person.

Although I strongly suspect that Twitter is now the way to go.  Blogs are becoming passe.  And I have thus far resisted the siren call of Facebook. 

But even though blogs are not as popular as they were, I cannot resist building my giant walls of text.  You should realize that about half of what I say is bullshit, the other half is truth, and the third half is jokes.  It’s up to you to figure out which of these three halves is which, and also that I was probably absent from school the week they did fractions.  They are not really my strong suit. 

I will finish this day’s huge block of text with some more words from Katie’s blog from about a year ago, which were very encouraging to me then (and now!):

In recent years I have really taken a liking to Emily’s mother, Lori.  Or maybe Lori has taken a liking to me.  Yeah, that’s it.  You see, for years and years Lori was just a strict mom in my eyes, but now she lets her freak flag fly around me and I like it!

But that was eleven years ago.  Lots of stuff has changed, and now Lori lets me drink half a bottle of wine, almost as good as half a carton of ice cream, as I teach her how to use her new blog : Late But Soon.

Katie, you are welcome to the wine–and the ice cream–any time!