How It Works

As one of the commenters from my last post has noted–quite rightly–I have been procrastinating about writing my next post.  She should not have brought this to my attention, because before I read her comment I had not realized I was doing this.  I thought I was just waiting for the next idea for a topic to come and gobsmack me like it usually does.  But I know this about myself: once the spectre of procrastination is raised in regard to a task I should be performing, NOTHING CAN HAPPEN until a task I like even less rears its head, and it’s right then that I get the most interesting idea for a post and I sit down and write it straightaway, because I don’t want to do that other thing.  Does that make sense?  It’s pretty much how I operate.
So I started thinking about it this way, because I am a deep thinker with deeply analytical thinking skills (and a lot of caffeine in my system), and I thought: Why procrastinate now, when I can do it later?  In other words–and I’m really going down the rabbit hole with this–I have decided to procrastinate about procrastinating.  So I’m writing the blog now.  You see how it works?
I wish I could say that my motivation to write has nothing to do with how filthy my house is right now.  But it has EVERYTHING to do with that. 
Thanks, commenters!