Richard Thompson Tuesday

Why not?  We had Wainwright Wednesday last week. 

I hope you enjoy this brilliant duet with RT & his son Teddy. Video quality isn’t great but the performance sure is!

I should explain that Loudon Wainwright and Richard Thompson are two of my favorite songwriter/singers.  Thompson is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, often making top ten lists of greatest living guitarists.  And Wainwright is the master of the song that tells a story; he has an uncanny ability to make you cry and laugh at the same time with an economy of words.  They have been around forever, and unfathomably, never became fully mainstream.  Maybe that is a blessing, because seeing them perform in a somewhat more intimate venue than, say, a sports arena, is a special treat.  They are both past their sixtieth birthdays, and continue to make beautiful music individually, and on rare occasions, together.

You wish to know where I am going with this?  Wish no longer:

It’s true.  These two icons will be touring together this fall–perhaps at a venue near you!

Latebutsoon recommends:  DO NOT MISS THIS.


Let’s Talk About Whine!

I warned you that W(H)INE would be a recurring theme on this blog.

SO, IN THIS VIDEO:  You tell it Sarah!  Tell us all what a whining baby Hillary Clinton is when it comes to the media.  With that attitude, she’ll never amount to anything!  She’ll make all the rest of us women look like crybabies and quitters too.  Like little, crying, quitting, baby girls.      You tell her.

Oh, the juicy, plump, dripping irony.

Gone Fishin’

Not exactly fishin,’ but on vaca.  Don’t worry, I did not resign from this blog.  I’m not a quitter.  Not like a certain Ms. Quittypants from Alaska.  I would never walk out on you–I’ll continue to serve your time-wasting needs to the best of my ability.  We have accomplished so much together on this blog!  We have so much yet to accomplish!  Also, I would like to thank our troops who defend the constitutional rights of bloggers to free speech.  So quit makin’ stuff up!  Did I mention how much I love Alaska?!  I figure I’ll quit when someone offers me a few cool mil for a  book deal.  You betcha.  I won’t be taking any questions.  Wink. 

So, for now, I’ll be back.   Shoulda said something to the 3.2 of you who faithfully read this blog.  Will be back soon to tell you all about the one that got away.

Loudon Wainwright Wednesday

It’s mid-July.  You are waist-deep in summer.  What better LWIII song to hear but “The Swimming Song?”  It’s a classic.  Here’s a live version:

And here’s the original version, recorded in 1973, with banjo and all the verses.  In my opinion, it’s the better audio of the two, but you can judge for yourself.  (The video has nothing to do with the song–it might even be a little distracting–I recommend that you CLOSE YOUR EYES, relax and listen to the man.)

Keep swimming.

Let’s Talk About Wine!

I know I promised I wouldn’t talk too much about wine, but I am breaking that promise.  (Totally out of character for me, but if you asked my kids, I am a flagrant promise-breaker, going way back, but no one asked them.)  Because now that this blog is featured on Baristanet and is listed under “Humor” (and I hope that is just a joke), the pressure—mostly self-inflicted—is on.  I need to get my ideas for posts anywhere I can, because let’s face it: with blogging it’s always quantity of words over quality of writing—am I right?  So the fact that I am inspired to do a “Let’s Talk About…” post might or might not be because of something I saw on a fellow blogger’s site, the topic of which may or may not have been fruit.

Anyway, I love to talk about wine.  The only thing I love more than talking about wine is drinking it.  Here is how much I love wine:  Recently when I was out there scanning the Internets, searching for topics that might interest and entertain you (no need to thank me—    IT’S WHAT I DO), I saw the perfect job for me.  Check it out here.

THIS IS THE JOB I WAS BORN TO DO:  A Sonoma winery called Murphy-Goode was looking to hire a “lifestyle correspondent” for a six-month position.  You had to submit a video telling them why you think you are the person for the job.  Then they selected the winner from the videos.  THIS IS “AMERICAN IDOL” FOR WINE-DRINKING INTERNET JUNKIES!

They cleverly called this opportunity “A Really Goode Job.”  Which it was.  However, I was not chosen for the job, mainly because I neglected to apply for it.  BUT DO NOT WORRY.  I will get paid to drink wine some day.

“Let’s Talk About Wine!” will probably be a recurring topic from time to time because I have so much to say about wine that one post simply won’t cut it.  (Hmmm…NOTE TO SELF:  I also have much to say on the topic of Spam.  And also Sarah Palin.  Between what I know about wine and Spam and Sarah Palin I will be the most prolific blogger on the Internets!)

I know you are all looking forward to that.  And for that YOU ARE WELCOME.


Holy crap.

I just noticed that this blog is linked over on Montclair, NJ’s Baristanet, the premier website for hyper-local news and hyper-ventilating commenters…I should know, I have read the site for years, yet never dared to comment.  They are a tough crowd, those Baristanetters, and I do enjoy the lively debate that goes on there (but always safely from the sidelines).

I am flattered.  Thank you unnamed person who was responsible for that.  I’ll get you back.  Baristanet is recognized as the #1 Placeblog in America and the one-stop news and entertainment source for Essex county, NJ.  And yet someone has made the grave error of listing my blog under “Humor.”  Yikes.

For some reason, this scares the “humor” right out of me.  Now I can’t think of one funny thing to write about.  Not even Sarah Palin.