Food Porn

For those of you who, like me, enjoy looking at gross food (for proof of this, you need only remember my fixation with Sweet Fancy Moses—Sue’s Whole Chicken In a Can—Now Even MORE Disgusting!), and enjoy feelings of smug superiority as you tell yourself, “Well, at least I didn’t eat THAT!,” here is the website for all your food-related fantasies/nightmares, and all your conflicted self-esteem/self-loathing issues.  Go here and try not to gag.  Or salivate.  It really depends on how hungry you are.

I must confess though: anything with Spam gets me drooling.  I love Spam.  But only the good kind—the kind that’s full of sodium and clogs up your arteries; not the kind that’s full of male enhancement offers and clogs up your in-box.

I GIVE YOU:  Spam sushi (wait, does this mean Spam isn’t meat?)

Any other Spam fans out there?  It’s time to come out of the closet and share all your Spam-centric fantasies.  I have already heard from       this guy.  And by fantasies, I mean recipes.  This is a family blog, folks.