Things My Sister’s Boyfriend Taught Me

—When on vacation, for max fun at the poolside bar, order your pina colada with Myers dark rum AND a “floater” of 151-proof Myer’s rum on top.  More bang for your buck.  Or should I say twelve bucks.  WHY DID I NOT LEARN OF THIS UNTIL NOW?!

—How to make bicuits with sausage gravy.  The image is clinging to my brain just as stubbornly as the lard used in this recipe is still clinging to my artery walls.  Will probably need to unlearn this.

—What a Teplitzky is and why I would like this.

—How to stage a Lobsterfest/Surf and Turf dinner in a vacation villa, where you lack the proper cooking tools for a meal of this ambitious scale.  The pina coladas you drank earlier (with the Myer’s dark rum and the 151-proof floaters) make anything seem possible.  Improvisation is everything.  Although those lobster cracking thingys wouldn’t hurt.

—Beer…it’s what’s for breakfast.

Thanks H.!

Note:  I will come back and update this list as necessary as he teaches me new things.  I have no doubt he will.

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