Stimulus Package

They say the difference between a writer and an author is simply this: everyone is a writer; an author is someone who actually gets published.  If this is the criteria, then I am squarely in the writer’s camp.  It seems too easy to go around calling yourself a writer just because you have a blog.   But that’s exactly what I’m doing.  You may be skeptical about my writerly credentials.  And well you should, because I’ll be truthful with you–no one has ever paid me for my writing.  But I would counter with this: no one has ever paid me NOT to write, either.  So I take that as a positive sign. 

If, say, a reader or readers of this blog were to come across with “incentives” for me not to write (you could call it a “bonus” or a “bailout”–whatever sounds right to you), for me to cease and desist writing this blog, I’ll get the message.  So you can, you know, if you want, send a check.  (I’ll provide an address if you express a sincere interest in this possibility.  Just contact me through the comments section and we’ll talk.)

If enough of you do this, I’ll consider it.  It would be like having my own personal economic stimulus package and who wouldn’t want that?  I’m not clear on what these packages are supposed to do, but if enough of you chipped in, I know it could stimulate me to stop writing this blog.

I can even think up a cool acronym–instead of TARP, this package could be called CARP or CRAP, or something like that.  Whatever.  I’ll let you know what the letters stand for just as soon as I come up with something.  I’m sure that’s how the government does it–acronym first; words they stand for, second.  In fact that is their approach to everything, come to think of it.  Bass-ackwards.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you when you all can stop contributing to this fund.  I can’t predict that, because we just don’t know where the bottom is yet.  (The bottom being: how bad this blog can get.)  I just don’t think we’re there yet.  Only time will tell.  Time and money.  Your money.

So just keep sending money.  I’ll let you know when it’s enough.  Just trust me on this.  Because this blog could very well be…TOO BIG TO FAIL.

3 thoughts on “Stimulus Package

  1. Look at you, Lori! You are now an official … blogmeister now!

    Congratulations! Looks good!! To me, it’s better than being published anyhow, as we know. There’s no money in the publishing game afterall — your stimulus concept is far better and more creative!

    Just to keep your feet in both worlds though, be sure to send EF the link (or I will, if you don’t, so watch out!).

    Watching the “INSTALLATION” of NYC’s new Archbishop today. I must confess I never knew that they were actually “installed.” I couldn’t help but wonder if the installation comes with free delivery … and free removal of the old cleric.

    Write On!


  2. Thank you for your kind comment. Yours was the very first! Do I cut it out and tape it to my computer like the pizza guy does with the first dollar bill he makes at his new store? ‘Cause I kinda want to.

    One thing: Going forward, my preferred title will be “blogmistress.”

  3. Fantastic! Congrats on your blog…and I wish I’d thought of your economic recovery plan. It would work with me (can’t write for nothing). However, I’m not so sure it’s going to work for you…the blog is entertaining and people will want more…not less, from the sage Blogmistress!! So, maybe you should charge per view?? I am not worthy, Blogmistress!…but I’m still going to check-in to read where you’re at. Enjoy! Barb

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