My Exciting Life

I get a lot of e-mails, mostly from friends, along with the occasional male-enhancement offers, but my husband and I have discovered that sending an e-mail is sometimes the easiest way to ask a quick question or convey short bursts of information to each other. (Of course I’ve heard about Twitter! Do you think I’ve been living in a cave, or something?)  Here is a sample of some of the most exciting subject lines from my husband’s e-mails this week:

Subject: what time is dinner?

Subject: when do I pick Jimmy up?

Subject: termite inspection

Subject: dinner

Subject: Hi!

Subject: are you making dinner?

Subject: I’m on the plane now

Subject: going out to dinner

And my favorite of all this week:

Subject: do I have any clothes at the dry cleaners?

Who says romance is dead?

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